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Monologue by Lot Vekemans

"Me. Forgotten. Not spurned. Plain and simple... forgotten."

"Sister of" is a monologue based on the mythological figure of Ismene, sister of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus.

Sabine Lorenz tells the story of a woman who has always lived in the shadow of her heroic and world-famous sister Antigone. A woman who believes she has no right to exist because she has never done anything great or memorable, who is ashamed of who she is.

Ismene, who was denied the right to fame as well as the right to mourn her family. Her tears, her anger, her helplessness count for nothing in the face of the overwhelming tragedy of her family.

For 3000 years she lived in the realm of shadows: forgotten by life, forgotten by death.


Now she breaks her silence and starts talking, somewhere where time no longer counts.


Production: Sabine Lorenz


by Lot Vekemans
German by Eva Pieper
You can also read the piece as an eBook.

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Sabine Lorenz plays this minor character, who is known – if at all – only as “daughter of” or “sister of”, with concentration and brilliance. The audience hung on Sabine Lorenz’s every word. They then applauded this theatrical event with corresponding enthusiasm.

Helen Holly Phoenix

Helen Holly Phoenix is a theater, film and television actress and lives in Lindau on Lake Constance.


She sees herself as a tool for her characters and touches her audience with multifaceted, dramatic, deep female roles such as Mary Stuart, Kriemhild, Andromache, Medea, Penelope and many others.

Helen works as a voice artist, director & author

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by Lot Vekemans

German by Eva M. Pieper

Gustav Kiepenheuer Stage Sales GmbH


Helen Holly Phoenix


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